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This will help preserve the book from damage

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Hath Sorrow struck/ So many blows upon this face of mine/ And

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However, if you interested in further exploring the truth of

theofficialeag u

[score hidden] submitted 1 hour agoMy cousin lives up in the canadian goose jacket Bay Area. She’s an ordained pastor with a Master’s degree in Divinity. She’s been around the world on humanitarian missions, to places like Africa and canada goose store South America where she and her group build water purification centers and other things the locals need but can’t afford. She got a hysterectomy because she doesn’t want to have biological children; she’s planning to adopt a pair of orphans from sub Saharan Africa. Even as someone who isn’t religious, I’d say she comes as close as you can get to an ideal Christian.She also happens to be tree hugging lesbian liberal who drives a hybrid with a bike rack, and who’s been happily married to her wife for several years. Checkmate, evangelicals.roguespectre67 80 points submitted 2 days agoWhat the hell kind of game design it that, where the best way to deal with an enemy guardian is to kill yourself just to deny them kills?Every other super can be dealt with in some way, except for the one and done supers that can easily be totally whiffed. Nova Warp is the only super that can singlehandedly wipe an entire buy canada goose jacket cheap enemy team, and then still have enough energy left to travel across the entire map and do it again. You can’t outrun it because it has a blink ability that’s super easily spammed and you can’t kill it without an entire team’s worth of damage because it insta heals on buy canada goose jacket kill and completely nullifies any damage done to it. It also will shut down other supers. If they’re paying attention, Code of the Missile is absolutely useless against it because they can insta kill the Titan while they’re canada goose black friday sale flying towards them. The only reliable counters are Blade Barrage, Shadowshot, and suppressor grenade. All of the other supers can be blinked away from and avoided or canada goose clearance sale straight up killed. And think about that. 2 of the 3 reliable counters to a specific super involve deactivating the super.I think Nova Warp should only canada goose coats get 20 30% damage resistance Canada Goose sale tops. Insta kills are fine but a group of 3 guardians shooting directly at a roaming super from a reasonable distance should be able to kill it, or at least set up the cleanup kill by a 4th player. As it stands now, it’s just broken. I reset my valor rank twice in 3 days earlier this week and I can count on one hand how many teams I was matched with that didn’t have at Canada Goose online least 3 Nova Warp warlocks. Something needs to change.roguespectre67 13 points submitted 2 days agoOh, neither can I. The only time I even consider joining any branch of the military is, like you said, if we were being invaded. I refuse a draft in a heartbeat. Lock me away if you want, I not going oversees to get blown up so some old rich white asshole can make a point.But the problem here is that I don spend dozens of hours and tons of money actively shitting on people that serve in the military, and then turn around and ask people to swoon over my love and respect for the troops. Guess who does? Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States.I not even going to bother listing all of the times he done it, because all of us that have been paying attention or care can name about a dozen of them off the top of their head. But let what I said sink in. The President dodged the Vietnam draft by paying off his doctor to write him a note like you get if you needed to be excused from school, and then has the Canada Goose Jackets gall, the audacity, the barefaced cheek to criticize people who have served the country (not even necessarily in the military) for their entire working lives.roguespectre67John Podesta Pizza Delivery Driver 1 point submitted 3 days agoIt’s a reference to the Matrix movies. The basic gist is that what we think we understand about gender and race politics is all made up by the gatekeepers in the media and in politics to keep us (white men, specifically) in line (whatever that’s supposed to mean). “Red pilling” basically means exposing a person to information that ostensibly makes us see through the lies and propaganda we’re surrounded with and unlock our “higher selves”. Unfortunately, this often comes in the form of racist and sexist pseudo science. “Blue pilling” is basically the opposite of that choosing to live as a subservient sheep in an effort to keep order.Please note that I do not subscribe to this idea. This is simply an explanation of what it is.Solaire44 4 points submitted 6 days agoThe 34% is true, look it up if you dont believe me. Yes California contains 12% of the population in the US, but 34% of our welfare money to 12% of the population is not a stable ratio. Speaking of stability, the class divide between the upper and lower classes in Cali is frightening when compared to other states. I no expert, but I believe what makes a solid economic structure is a strong presence of a middle class, wouldnt you agree? Acts as a buffer between the rich and the poor as there is less class jealousy. Having such a divide only encourages higher taxes and more resentmentSolaire44 1 point submitted cheap Canada Goose 5 days agoHave you never written a research paper? Since when is it wrong to cite your sources? I saying if you Canada Goose Parka dont believe the facts I have provided, you can double check them and educate yourself in the process. Never claimed to be an expert on poverty, so no, the “burden of proof” is not on me. And I not saying you have to believe me. However, if you interested in further exploring the truth of canada goose deals the matter, the door is open for you. Personally I open to having my mind changed if the information is presented, but maybe that just meroguespectre67 1 point submitted 5 days agoIn fact, I have written research papers. Many, in fact. But you were the one to assert that 34% of the “welfare check” (however you define that) is consumed by California, and then when asked to provide a source for that claim, you simply told us to look it up. Unfortunately for you, that not how things work. When writing a research paper, you don get to just write “Look it up” on your bibliography page. If you make a claim, the onus is, in fact, on you to provide evidence for that claim.RoronoaBarcelona 2 points submitted 6 days agoHaha mate your life is boring as hell. As a kid I nearly had my ass bitten off from this dog chasing me, when i was a kid “playtime” was throwing bricks at each other and any garbage off the floor. Sewers were literally open, no pipes, just a passage underneath, we wrestled to throw each other in them and one time Canada Goose Outlet i was thown in.Thats what I meant by third world. Haha im serious you should just go out with your friends and do some crazy shit in the woods. Why not. Better than always on the phone huhEveryone here was simply discussing the fact that Dave Grohl is a genuinely nice and wholesome canada goose outlet guy, and you had to come here and ruin it with your preaching about those goddamn elite celebrities whose only purpose in life is LITERALLY to do everything they can to ruin the planet and those evil megacorporations who just want to control everyone and brainwash us into spending money on whatever product you happen to have a hate boner on for this particular second along with whatever other bullshit you’re spewing that might as well be copy pasted to r/im14andthisisdeep.For the record, we all appreciate how wasteful some people can be canada goose and I’d wager that many of us, myself included, do as much as we can to be environmentally conscious and do more than our fair share to try and keep the planet habitable. But this right here is neither the time nor place for that discussion, especially when it has absolutely fuck all to do with what we were trying to talk about before we were so rudely interrupted by your fetid little ramblings.In case you still don’t understand, I’ll dumb it down even further: your shit is neither wanted nor deserved here, and everybody in this thread would love it if you’d shut the hell up.

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These are generally medium to large states where neither party

buy canada goose jacket Then when Rick was taken by the helicopter they revealed that they making a TWD “high budget” trilogy with Andrew Lincoln in the lead as Rick Grimes. So yeah, I think this was the plan from the get go and that he didn really leave the show because he had enough. According to what Angela Kang said, this was planned a long time ago, cheap canada goose jacket since season 7.. buy canada goose jacket

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canadian goose jacket THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: (Singing) I don’t know just canada goose jacket outlet uk where I’m going, but I’m going canada goose outlet edmonton to try for the kingdom if I can ’cause it makes me feel like I’m a man when I put a spike into my vein. And I tell you things aren’t quite the same when I’m rushing on my buy canada goose uk run. And I feel just like Jesus’ son. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale President elect Donald Trump is far along in his preparations to take over the White House. He won 20 more electoral canada goose outlet phone number votes than the 270 he needed to be president of the United States. But a lot of people are still talking canada goose outlet us about canada goose outlet toronto factory the popular vote, which Hillary Clinton won nationwide. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose uk shop Bonnie stood up. “Can I get you something? Maybe some juice?” She walked into the kitchen before Cheyeanne could answer and filled a glass. She could feel her heart trying to accelerate and the pacemaker working in her chest. HuffPost crashed a lunch Alyse Galvin was having with her kids at a cafe in Anchorage in September. Galvin, an undeclared voter,shared her thoughts on Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R Alaska) for a story we didand talked about leading a letter writing campaign to urge the senator to oppose Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ confirmation.. canada goose uk shop

cheap canada goose uk She was one of just three representatives, and the canada goose outlet germany only Democrat who canada goose shop uk refused to condemn Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad’s genocidal chemical attack on his own people. After the attack, Gabbard traveled to Syria to meet with the genocidal dictator al Assad without permission from the White House or Congress. Her trip was funded by a group with ties to al Assad supporters and she only covered the expenses herself after the news media reported who paid for her trip.. cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose Jackets “I remember the exact moment I decided to go to law school. While translating a settlement agreement for a worker, I discovered that the worker we brought to the lawyer was recovering $10,000, the maximum allowed. Great legal work. It must also be said that the system of 50 separate elections encourages candidates to concentrate their campaign time and resources on a handful of so called battleground states. These are generally medium to large states where neither party has an overwhelming advantage. That means some mega states (California, Texas, New York, Illinois) are largely neglected, while a few others (Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina) see more of the candidates and their surrogates than the rest of canada goose outlet store uk the country combined. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale Instead you see a very large and often overlooked sector of China manufacturing output. It the little items that fill your desk drawers; the free pens that salesmen give you, and the toys your children break or forget. It the hundreds of disposable products that fill pound shops, dollar stores and gas stations. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance The ability to reuse water is critical for the village, which consumes over 52,000 gallons of water every day to maintain an annual output of over almost 460,000 square feet of hand printed cloth. Each canada goose outlet in new york piece is washed at least three times in community water tanks. And the artisans say they create colors by “playing with water” adding varying amounts of ingredients like pomegranate skins and then bringing the mixture to a boil.. canada goose clearance

uk canada goose outlet Been reading as a hobby ever since I was five years old and writing since about seven. My dad canada goose outlet online store review brought home a chunky old Dell laptop from work. I just started typing away little short stories, anything I could think up. But unlike most other art collections, this one is not locked away. Instead, the British Museum Study Room is London’s most democratic and accessible collection of masterpieces. Any member of the public can walk in and ask canada goose outlet miami to see the works uk canada goose outlet.