Being told to go kill innocent people in an unforgiving jungle

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canada goose factory sale The reality is for all of us who love Bethesda titles, that Bethesda being held to account for the failings of FO76 might well help them to get themselves back on canada goose track, and start delivering great games again. canada goose factory sale

I truly thought Skyrim would be the swansong for the Creation Engine. At that time, the cracks in the foundations were well and truly showing. But for a 2011 title, it looked quite good, and still managed to feel good if a bit clunky. But for what it buy canada goose jacket was, it made for a good send off, and deserved the critical praise on release.

For those canada goose black friday sale of us on PC, we got the community patches for fixing up a big host of the myriad of bugs left in the title to what honestly, the shame of Bethesda for not fixing them themselves, or even just owning up and outright buying/implementing some of the better community patches like FALLEN. Either way, it was well known knowledge at that point that the Creation Engine had its day, and did more than was expected of it up until that point.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Then FO4 arrived and the Creation Engine was running on fumes. It was obviously a bad choice. The game looked dated out of the park, and all those bugs we got accustomed to in Skyrim were still present canada goose clearance along with a host of new ones. It was clunky as hell, and performance was dire. Engine limitations like framerate tied to physics ticks, and UI tied 16:9 resolutions standard FOV were an embarrassing blemish. Bad as PC performance was, Console performance load times Canada Goose Parka were abysmal. After this point, the Creation Engine was no longer being laid to rest with dignity it was needing to be brought out back behind the shed and given both barrels. It utterly marred what would otherwise have been a great game. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Now, the problem is, canada goose coats on sale reviewers and a canada goose clearance sale certain sect of fans did not hold Bethesda accountable for the decrepit Creation Engine, or non existent QA at this point. Some reviewers even commented positively on the errors and bugs present, citing them as “nostalgic”. Review scores were sky high, and Bethesda got another seemingly unlimited free pass to continue on with the creation powered shitshow.

Now, FO76 has dropped, and Bethesda have stripped away all the things that had previously been in use to mask their engine awful performance the atmosphere is gone, engaging interesting characters are gone, unique mechanics and scripted moments are out the window all that left is the Creation Engine, struggling more than ever to run systems it was never designed for (such as online play), while still having bugs from the turn of the decade fully present, and now under a magnifying glass.

canada goose clearance All of this, and a Triple A price tag to boot. This is the culmination of Bethesda being given a free pass over the last decade. They took all that good will, and used it to spit in the face of their customers and fans alike. canada goose clearance

canada goose uk shop I glad that mainstream reviewers are finally calling them out on their shit albeit, they could done with doing a lot more of that during the lifecycle of FO4. Coupled with what being reported as poor sales performance, this might be the kick they need to go back to the Bethesda that brought us Morrowind out of the left field a graphical powerhouse brimming with amazing content and unique mechanics, which was so ahead of its time in every department that you could forgive the bugs for being there, simply because it a natural problem to have when you treading new ground in so many areas. canada goose uk shop

canada goose coats I miss you Bethesda. Please come back to us canada goose coats

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It not that it below rate, it that bug hunting is ridiculously poorly paid compared to the scope of the breaches reported. Consider this bug, he apparently generated 36 000 keys for Portal 2. On G2A, these keys are retailing for about 10 usd each, meaning he could have walked away with 360k just from using this exploit once.

Canada Goose online So he paid 20k for something which Canada Goose online he could profit off of immediately to make almost 400k. That only 5% even assuming he only used it once. It a pittance. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose sale The same goes for Google, that pays something like 31k for the most severe of exploits. but in reality you could probably sell those level of exploits to intelligence agencies or some buy canada goose jacket cheap sketchy organization or what have you for millions of dollars if you really wanted to. These canadian goose jacket are the types of exploits that would give you unlimited access to Google servers and data, which has obvious ramifications. Canada Goose sale

canada goose uk black friday Of course it illegal, Canada Goose Jackets but ask yourself, if you were a blackhat hacker and you found an exploit like this, would you use it for your own gain to make potentially millions of dollars or report it and make like 10 20k? Now consider that it might have taken you months of work to find this bug (and you technically skilled enough to easily make 100k per year) and that it very easy to avoid detection and launder money if you tech savvy nowadays. canada goose uk black friday

uk canada goose It no wonder that data breaches go undetected for so long. uk canada goose

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Canada Goose Outlet Truth be told I don blame anyone for dodging the Vietnam Canada Goose sale draft. Being told to go kill innocent people in an unforgiving jungle because “communism”? Fuck that. Oh yeah and your own government spraying Agent Orange all over the place giving you super cancer. Then when you return from the war (if you return) you full of cancer and PTSD and need some help the government tells the vets to go pound sand. Canada Goose Outlet

But yeah people are shitbags for not wanting to die in a foreign canada goose outlet jungle for no good reason.

Not letting people into Europe was not much of an option. The Canada Goose Outlet EU had relied on cooperation with neighbouring countries to keep migrant flow low and did not have the infrastructure there to stop a wave of migrants once those neighbouring governments collapsed, during the Arab Spring. (they back in place now, and migrant flow is back to normal.)

The only thing Merkel did was drain the black market forming in already struggling southern European countries into Germany, legally registered, in an economy that can absorb unskilled labourers without too much damage.

canadian goose jacket Merkel has, if nothing else, always been very pragmatic in her decision making, I don think there any reason to believe she suddenly got sentimental, in this case. KSA is literally killing women and children in Yemen, would you feel okay knowing those Armored vehicles might be used in said slaughter? canadian goose jacket

Any country that can respect Canada decision to back out of a cheap Canada Goose deal like this probably is a country that Canada shouldn be concerning themselves with anyway.

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canada goose store Jumped the gun there a bit eh bud? Blizz never mentioned D4, people saw Diablo on the main stage and drew their own conclusions. Now this new statement Blizzard made doesn specifically state it isn D4 either. canada goose store

Truth be told nobody outside of canada goose coats Blizzard knows anything about what we going to learn concerning diablo. We know diablo is going to be on the main stage and that the opening ceremony is unknown. It points to something happening, or maybe they think D3 being on Switch is worthy of main stage.

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